New Product of the Week - Isle of Bute Miniature Gin Gift Set

Our product of the week makes a great gift for any gin lover as it features 5 different gins!

The Isle of Bute Miniature Gin Gift Set showcases the core range from the distillery on the quaint west coast island. The gins tell the story of Bute and the surrounding land and sea, featuring some very unusual and unique botanicals!

Simon Tardivel, Head Distiller at Isle of Bute Gin Co., is a multi-award winning brewer and alcohol expert who has travelled to and worked in many countries around the world. However, it was the Isle of Bute that captured his heart and he fell in love with the island while living there for a short time.

Simon Tardivel, Head Distiller at Isle of Bute Gin Co

Simon has used all his knowledge and skill to create a range of gins that utilise the abundance of floral and fauna present on the island and the waters around it, celebrating Bute's location on Scotland's west coast. 

Based in Rothesay, the island's biggest town, the distillery is also home to a shop and a gin garden where you can visit to sample the gins in perfect serve form before purchasing your favourite to enjoy at home!

Isle of Bute Gin Co

Isle of Bute Gin Miniature Gift Set 

Presented in a gift box with tasting notes for each gin, the gift set contains a 5cl miniature of each of the following gins:

  • Island Gin (43%) - this Scottish gin has been inspired by the quaint Scottish island on the west coast. A perfect blend of traditional gin botanicals with fruity and herbaceous notes for a gin that lends itself to life on the Scottish isles. The label also features a local artist's commission of the bay at Port Ballantyne on the island.
  • Oyster Gin (43%) - the world's first Oyster gin. Made using oysters from Loch Fyne, a sea loch that extends 65 miles inland from the Sound of Bute, for a delicate maritime essence. The combination of the oysters blended with a mix of citrus and other botanicals has created a savoury gin that cannot be matched.
  • Heather Gin (43%) - wild heather foraged on the island is mixed with a number of botanicals including pink grapefruit for a gin with a fruity and citrus finish that showcases the floral beauty of the Isle of Bute.
  • Gorse Gin (43%) - made using gorse blossom which is handpicked on the island. The gorse is mixed with a selection of other botanicals from around the globe to create a delicate floral gin which is perfect for a refreshing G&T.
  • Oaked Gin (43%) - distilled with aged oak Scotch whisky barrels in the botanical basket to extract natural flavours of vanilla, sandalwood and pine. This is blended with a mix if traditional botanicals for a rich, creamy gin.

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Isle of Bute Gin Miniature Gift Set