The provenance of our products is important to us. With increasing focus on what actually makes a craft drink Scottish and the recent alliance formed between the Scottish Craft Distillers Association and Scotland Food and Drink to protect the authenticity of Scottish craft spirits, we feel it’s important we’re absolutely clear about the products we stock.

Craft56° will never knowingly promote any product on our website or social media profiles that falsely claims Scottish provenance.

Craft56° was established to promote Scottish craft producers and we strongly believe that to protect our brand as well as those of genuine Scottish producers that the term Scottish should be used only for products of Scotland origin.

Independent Producers

Craft56° values independent Scottish producers, bottlers and suppliers, and endeavours to trade with them whenever possible.

Contract Distilling

For some producers, it’s just not possible to run their own distillery and this often results in outsourcing to contract distillers. Craft56° are happy to support and promote brands who have chosen to partner with a contract distiller.

Botanicals, Ingredients & Materials

A large number of the drinks we stock achieve their unique flavour by using locally sourced botanicals and ingredients, however many of the botanicals and ingredients required for production are not native and must be sourced elsewhere. Craft56° are happy to support products and brands who are using botanicals, ingredients and materials sourced outwith Scotland.