Product of the Week - Aatta Gin from Orkney Gin Company

Our featured product this week comes all the way from Orkney and is the first distilled gin from the multi-award winning Orkney Gin Company.

Aatta Gin

Aatta (meaning eight in Old Norse) has been distilled 8 times using 8 botanicals for a truly silky mouthfeel with the final distillation completed over a 24 hour period.
The bottle is a nod to the traditional receptacles found on Orkney's shores from years gone by.
The London Dry Gin is distilled with botanicals including juniper, orange, cinnamon, wild rosehips and vanilla. You should expect a fresh, zesty aroma with piney juniper, bright citrus and slightly sweet notes of vanilla hitting your palate. The finish has the gentle spice of coriander as well as smooth vanilla.
Aatta Gin botanicals

To serve, we would recommend Aatta over plenty of ice with a classic tonic, a wedge of orange and a sprig of rosemary if you like herbaceous notes.
Made by Andrea and Gary, a husband and wife team from Burray in the archipelago of Orkney, the Orkney Gin Company started by making a range of handcrafted gins using the traditional cold compounding method.
Aatta Gin in Orkney

Cold compounding is labour intensive and the gin is produced in tiny micro-batches. Infusion is undertaken in stages, and constant, meticulous sampling for quality is carried out. Once the perfect balance has been achieved, the gin is blended, filtered and bottled. Hand labelling lends a personal finishing touch. 

The family (with their daughter Erin) has now opened a purpose built distillery beside their home which will allow them to experiment with and create distilled spirits such as Aatta Gin and Akvavit - a Scandanavian spirit that has been around for over 100 years but never distilled in Scotland before.

To view the range from Orkney Gin Company click on the link below.

Orkney Gin Company