Scottish Gin Club - Drookit Piper Gin - September 2019

Our chosen gin of the month for the gin club members this month is the newly launched Drookit Piper Gin from Pixel Spirits.

Given the weather we've experienced this summer, it only seemed right that to mark the end of summer we featured a gin that takes its name from the Scots word 'Drookit' which means absolutely soaked or drenched, a fairly regular occurrence in the area of Scotland where the distillery is based!

The Distillery

The Pixel Spirits distillery is based in the grounds of the scenic Loch Leven Hotel in North Ballachulish in the north west highlands. Craig and Noru Innes, a husband and wife team, converted a barn into their micro-distillery which houses Orsetta (meaning Little Bear), the i-still that helps Craig produce the tasty liquids in batches of less than 100 bottles. Craig and Noru have recently converted another outbuilding to house the Pixel Spirits Gin School where you can create your own bottle of gin.

View From The Loch Leven Hotel
The view from the Loch Leven Hotel 

Drookit Piper Gin

The perfect gin to mark the Scottish summer we’ve just experienced!

Drookit Piper Gin Bottle

Drookit Piper is a delightfully refreshing citrus-forward gin containing zesty pomelo, juicy orange and fresh, aromatic notes from kaffir lime leaves. The summery citrus notes should invoke memories of the warmer weather and sunshine.

Each bottle is individually numbered and signed by Craig, the master distiller.

Perfect Serve

Drookit Piper is highly versatile and we recommend as a G&T finished with a wedge of juicy watermelon.  Alternatively, serve with lemonade and cucumber for the ultimate cooler.

Drookit Piper Perfect Serve

The perfect libation on any bonny or drookit day, best enjoyed in good company!