Scottish Gin Club - Crossbill Highland Dry Gin - October 2019

This month our Scottish Gin Club members are enjoying one of Glasgow's best gins. Crossbill HIghland Dry Gin is distilled in the iconic Barras, just to the east of the city centre. 

The Distillery & Gin School

Crossbill started life in the Scottish Highlands when the founder Jonathan was captivated by the idea of reviving Scotland’s juniper production. In 2017 the distilling site was moved to Glasgow and is based in Barras Art and Design (BAaD) in the heart of Glasgow’s east end. The move allowed Crossbill to significantly increase production to meet demand.

Crossbill Gin Bottle

Following the success of the Hatchery Gin School, where you can learn about the gin making process and make your own bespoke gin, Crossbill announced plans to double the size of their operation at BAaD. The expansion is due to be complete shortly.

Crossbill Highland Dry Gin

Crossbill is a celebration of bold and fresh Highland botanicals. The handcrafted dry gin is produced with 100% Scottish juniper and rosehip. The hand-picked botanicals create a distinctive taste evocative of the ancient pine forests where juniper has grown for centuries.

The juniper and rosehip are then cut with crystal clear Speyside water to give a refined yet bold gin with unequalled freshness.

Scottish Juniper

The Name

Crossbill takes its name from the Scottish Crossbill, a native bird, which, like the juniper used to make it, can only be found in the ancient Caledonian pine forests of Scotland.

Recommended Serves

Best served as a classic G&T with ice, tonic and a sprig of rosemary. Alternatively, a wedge of lime works just as well.

Complementary Handmade Chocolates

To accompany the gin, Annette, the super talented chocolatier at Sugarsnap Chocolate, took inspiration from one of the recommended serves and made a lime & rosemary ganache which was housed in 75% Tanzania chocolate.

Crossbill Rosemary & Lime Chosolates

If you'd like to be enjoying one of Scotland's best craft gins along with delicious handmade chocolates then join our Scottish Gin Club today.