Scottish Gin Club - Mackintosh Scottish Gin - November 2019

It's the middle of the month which only means one's delivery day for our Scottish Gin Club members!

This month our members will be enjoying Mackintosh Scottish Gin - a classic London Dry gin from Angus that picked up the Silver Medal at the Scottish Gin Awards last month.

Mackintosh Gin

Launched in late 2018 by James & Deborah Mackintosh, Mackintosh Gin is a family affair with James and Deborah’s three daughters all being part of the brand and development.

Mackintosh Gin Team

James & Deborah had the idea to create a gin after visiting several gin festivals, masterclasses and tasting events and purchasing around 50 different bottles of gin along the way! The brand and the gin recipe took two years to develop.

Affectionately known as ‘The birthplace of Scotland’, Angus is where the Mackintosh clan call home and is where some of the botanicals and the water used in the gin are sourced from.

The Gin

Distilled and bottled in batches of less than 300 bottles, Mackintosh Gin is a juniper-forward London Dry style gin made with 9 carefully selected botanicals including fresh grapefruit and elderflower.

Mackintosh Gin Citrus Botanicals

The botanicals, sourced from all around the world including locally foraged elderflower, are then cut with pure Angus water to give a floral and citrus gin with a refreshing taste.

The Logo

The Mackintosh logo is the ‘Lover’s’ Knot, which is carved into a 9th century Pictish stone. The stone was found along with others in and around Meigle, not far from the Mackintosh family home. The knot is made up of an unbroken line over four corners that represent the endless round of seasons and is enclosed in a circle that represents infinity, the sun and the power of the female or Mother Earth.

Recommended Serves

Mackintosh Gin & Tonic Perfect Serve

Serve with large chunks of ice, pour the gin and top up with your favourite tonic water (we recommend a 1:2 ratio) and then garnish with a citrus fruit wedge or slice of your choosing. Our favourite pairings are Cushiedoos Scottish Tonic Water & Pink Grapefruit.

The Chocolates

To pair with the gin our chocolate maker at Sugarsnap picked out the citrus notes to make zephyr white chocolate bon bons filled with a citrus ganache.

Sugarsnap Citron Ganache Chocolates