Scottish Gin Club - Purist Marble Gin - March 2022

March’s Scottish Gin Club feature comes from Purist Gin. Based in Glasgow, Purist is quickly developing a reputation for pushing boundaries and Marble – an updated new release – is no exception to this rule. 

The Gin 

An exciting spirit, Marble Gin is juniper forward, smooth and has gentle fruity undertones running throughout. Paired with the classic backbone of juniper and coriander these fruity undertones help to balance the spirit, with the end result a moreish, subtly dry and fruity gin. 

Our perfect serve puts Marble alongside a traditional tonic, however this is a flexible spirit and one that works well with a sweeter pairing or indeed no pairing at all.


The botanical profile of Marble includes juniper, cranberry, strawberry, coriander, Chinese cassia and angelica powder.

Included with Marble, you’ll also find a first-taste of Purist’s brand new release, Zest. A citrus-forward gin, Zest is a well rounded and refreshing London Dry style gin. With botanicals including juniper, lime peel, lemon peel, coriander, Chinese cassia and angelica powder this new gin is best served with Lemonade, and fresh lime to garnish.

The Perfect Serve

Serve over ice, with a premium tonic and a healthy slice of fresh strawberry to garnish.

Tasting Notes

On the nose you’ll be met with notes of juniper. To taste, Marble is a light and fruity gin. To finish, expect a delicate, dry sweetness.

Key Info

ABV: 37.5%

Location: Glasgow, Lanarkshire

Released: March 2022 (Re-release)