Scottish Gin Club - Kintyre Gin - August 2022

August’s Scottish Gin Club discovery gin is produced on the Torrisdale Castle Estate by Beinn An Tuirc Distillers. A firm favourite in the world of Scottish gin, Kintyre Gin is produced with the help of the estate’s own hydro-electric system.

The Gin 

Kintyre Gin is a smooth, rich and earthy London Dry style gin. It packs quite a punch too, with its complex, aromatic and slightly sweet profile giving way to a gentle spiciness to finish. Whether served as we suggest below, neat over ice or as part of your favourite cocktail it’s a tremendously versatile spirit – and one which sits well amongst complementary flavours.



While Beinn An Tuirc keep the full botanical profile under wraps, Kintyre Gin’s headline botanicals include Icelandic moss and sheep sorrel, both of which are found throughout the Torrisdale Castle Estate. In particular the sheep sorrel adds a fresh citrus zing and a light floral aroma to the overall flavour profile which certainly contributes to the spirit’s true taste of Kintyre!

The signature spirit of Beinn An Tuirc Distillers’ range, Kintyre Gin is produced with the environment in mind. Processes, ingredients and indeed power are all set and sourced according to the distilleries core aim to be as sustainable as physically possible.

The Perfect Serve

Serve over ice, with a premium tonic, a slice of fresh or dried lime to garnish.

Tasting Notes

On the nose Kintyre Gin is earthy and aromatic. To taste you can expect deep, floral notes and a slight sweetness. To finish you’ll note a gentle spiciness.

Key Info

ABV: 40%
Location:  Torrisdale Castle Estate, Kintyre