Scottish Gin Club - Inverclyde Gin - November 2021

Our featured gin for November comes from Inverclyde Gin. Based in Port Glasgow to the west of Scotland’s most populous city, this coastal gin is a source of great pride within the local community, and draws a nautical inspiration from its flavour profile to its branding. 

Inverclyde Gin is a spin-off from the Start Up Drinks Lab, founded in 2017 as a platform to allow entrepreneurs the space and expertise to design and produce innovative craft drinks. As a tribute to its home region, Inverclyde Gin also serves as a place-making thank you to the local community for their ongoing support. 

The Gin

Distilled to a recipe of eight botanicals - including samphire, sea buckthorn, angelica and bramble - Inverclyde Gin is a bold, complex gin. 

With coastal botanicals at its core, the gin offers an unmistakable essence of the sea, complemented by a striking citrus twist to finish. In itself, this creates a refined and exciting G&T, while the citrus also serves as a balance to the more intense botanical core. 

With a flavour profile of great depth, this is a gin to pair with a neutral tonic and serve with a gin:tonic ratio of 1:4 or above.

The Perfect Serve

Scottish Gin Club - Inverclyde Gin - November 2021

Serve over ice, along with Just The Tonic original tonic water and a slice of orange - lightly juiced for added flavour - to garnish.

Tasting Notes

On the nose, bold with a hint of citrus. To taste, rich, with a gentle complexity. To finish, fresh, with a citrus kick.

Key Info 

ABV: 40%

Location: Port Glasgow, Inverclyde

Released: July 2020


All images © Inverclyde Gin