Scottish Gin Club - Crag & Tail Gin - March 2023

March’s Scottish Gin Club discovery gin is a laidback and well-rounded spirit produced and bottled in Perth, and named in honour of the famed rock formation seen throughout Scotland – of which Arthur’s Seat is a great example.

The Gin 

A well balanced and citrus-forward gin, Crag & Tail is an excellent pairing across a diverse range of tonics. It’s delicate spice complements where many more dominant spirits would overpower.


Produced by a duo with a great depth of experience in the spirits industry, Crag & Tail is the product of many years of tasting and development which ultimately culminated in this – award winning – spirit that you’re tasting today.

Crag & Tail’s profile is smooth an refreshing, and contains a total of twelve botanicals – including elderflower, orange, lemon, watermelon, kaffir lime leaf, angelica, orris root, cubeb and juniper.

The Perfect Serve

Make it your own! Serve over ice, with a slice of fresh lime to garnish and take your pick of Walter Gregor’s tonic water to mix.

Tasting Notes

On the nose, Crag & Tail is citrus-forward. To taste, expect a delicate spice. To finish, the spirit is smooth and refreshing.

Key Info

ABV: 41%
Location: Perth