Scottish Gin Club - Garden Shed Gin - April 2023

April’s Scottish Gin Club discovery gin is the small-batch produced flagship spirit of the The Garden Shed Drinks Co., who’re based just outside of Glasgow. They pride themselves on working in an environmentally responsible manner – and have placed a great focus on charitable giving in the area of conservation.

The Gin 

A classic London Dry style gin, Garden Shed Gin is produced using a range of 13 botanicals including fresh Blackberries, Dandelion root and Lavender. Fresh on the nose and smooth and ever-so spiced in the finish, this is a well-rounded and refined spirit.

Garden Shed Gin


Originally produced by a group of friends, who were inspired to produce a gin in the shed using botanicals found only in their gardens, Garden Shed Gin has gone on to become an award-winning and industry-recognised example of small-bath sustainable production.

With light, citrus notes on the nose, a rich and complex palate and a smooth and lightly spiced finish, Garden Shed Gin is as versatile as it is unique.

The Perfect Serve

Make it your own! Serve over ice, with a premium tonic and a garnish of fresh blackberries (and lavender, if you have any).

Tasting Notes

On the nose, Garden Shed Gin is light and citrus. To taste, expect a rich complexity. To finish, the spirit is smooth with a gentle hint of spice.

Key Info

ABV: 45%
Location: Glasgow