Our Favourite Scottish Gin Bottle Designs

Everyone has a reason for having a favourite bottle of gin. Whether it’s the first one you tried or the one used in your favourite cocktail? Maybe it’s the first gin someone got you as a gift or one that brings back great memories. Some may even choose their gins based on the bottle. We all know we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but with some truly beautiful designs out there, who are we to tell you what to do?

Here’s some of our favourite bottle designs - all still very tasty! It may be an eclectic mix but each beautiful in their own way! Find your perfect unusual gin bottle gift with our quick guide.


(Price £36.50 | ABV 41% | Achroous 70cl)

Achroous ticks the boxes as a feat of modern design. Don’t just take our word for it, Electric Spirit Co. won not one but two awards in 2019 for this engaging and innovative bottle. The elegant minimalistic design is easily recognisable and printed straight on to the bottle, so there’s no plastic in sight. Good for the eyes and good for the Earth. Win win!

Electric Spirit Co Achroous Gin Perfect Serve

Lind & Lime

(Price £34.95 | ABV 44% | Lind & Lime 70cl)

Lind & Lime's bottle takes inspiration from the iconic history of Leith as the connection to mainland Europe for importing goods which arrive in barrels - such as wine, port, brandy, sherry; you know - the important stuff? Glass bottles were made in Leith for bottling on arrival and distributed from there. The wine bottle shape is a timeless classic with each bottle embossed with the words "Leith Glass Works", your shelves will thank you for this historic and eye-catching addition!

Lind & Lime Gin With Lime Garnishes

SOS Gin 

(Price £42.50 | ABV 45% | SOS Gin 70cl)

SOS Gin - Scotland’s Other Spirit’s smooth, sleek, bottle seems like it’s been designed specifically for showing off in the most sophisticated of home bars. The eye-catching angel stands above the crisp branding, below the only colour to be seen on the bottle being a small Saltire shield to highlight the Scottish origins. To tie in the seamless elegance of the bottle, it has been finished with a clear glass stopper. A timeless classic.

SOS Gin Scotland's Other Spirit Bottle

Seven Crofts Gin

(Price £39.95 | ABV 43% | Seven Crofts 70cl)

Picking up Best New Lauch Design at the World Gin Awards 2020, Seven Crofts is a truly elegant and timeless bottle. The tall bottle features a green ombre inspiried by the surroundings of Ullapool. An easily recognisable statement bottle for your home bar. You won't want to throw it out when it's done. This is definitely one for a gin bottle lamp!

Seven Crofts Gin Bottle


(Price £37.50 | ABV 41.1% | Glaswegin Original 70cl)

How could we write a blog about our favourite bottle designs and not include Glaswegin? Launched in early 2019, the team behind Glaswegin have already won themselves an astronomical number of design awards. The bottle, “inspired by the city and the people around us”, is clean cut, no nonsense and ultimately alluring. The edged bottle separates itself from others in the market and is instantly recognisable as a modern classic. Have it on show in your home bar for an instant conversation piece!

Glaswegin Gin Serve

Linlithgow Distillery LinGin 

(Price £38.00 | ABV 43% | LinGin 70cl)

The team at Linlithgow Distillery unveiled the stunning new bottle for their flagship LinGin in July 2021. As with everything from Linlithgow Distillery, the new bottle helps to tell the story of the popular town. To pay homage to St Magdalene's, the last whisky distillery in the town, the bottle features the cupola top which was a distinctive feature of the distillery. Some other features include the shape of the bottle which represents the historic St Michael's spire. When viewing the bottom of the bottle you can see the logo that shows the Crown of Thorns spire in all it's glory.

LinGin New Bottle

King's Hill Scottish Gin 

(Price £39.50 | ABV 44% | King's Hill Gin 70cl)

The King's Hill Gin bottle has a blue diamond stud effect which is a nod to the royal inspiration behind the gin. The name comes from a bet between King Robert the Bruce and Sir William 'The Crusader' Sinclair of Roslin. The wager - to catch the elusive white Pentland Stag - was won by Sinclair who named the hill side in the King's honour. Created with botanicals grown high in the hill that he won from the king, King's Hill Gin is a salute to the Crusader. The bottle also features a copper logo on the front which celebrates the Iberian copper pot still that the gin is distilled in. 

King's Hill Gin