April Gin of the Month - LinGin from Linlithgow Distillery

Our Gin Club members will be enjoying LinGin from Linlithgow Distillery in the sunshine this Easter weekend. Find out more about this classic London Dry style gin, the distillery and the folk behind the gin below.

The Distillery

Linlithgow Distillery was established in 2017 by Alyson and Ross Jameson after selling the IT support company they had run for 21 years. The first batch of LinGin was released in January 2018.

Linlithgow Distillery Team

The whole ethos behind Linlithgow Gin was to develop a product and brand that the town could be proud of.

The botanicals used have been handpicked from the around the loch, canal and meadows of the town, the recipe has been influenced and refined by a 100+ strong tasting panel of local residents, the bottle shape was chosen as it symbolises the iconic St Michael’s spire and the town's unique skyline can be seen on the label design.

At launch, the gin was produced in a stainless steel Genio Still in batches of around 180 bottles. In January 2019, the distillery moved around 30 metres across the road to a space double the size that houses a 500 litre still. This has allowed production to increase to meet the demand for the gin.

Linlithgow Distillery Bottle

The Gin

From the moment you open the bottle it is unmistakably a gin with a core of traditional botanicals, joined by a fresh aroma of juniper and citrus. LinGin features 12 botanicals - including 8 traditional botanicals, 3 secret botanicals, and meadowsweet.

Meadowsweet is a botanical that's not often seen outside of the gin industry, but it can bring a subtle sweetness and aromas of hay and vanilla, and it is used to fine effect in LinGin.

Tasting Notes

A classic London Dry Gin. Clean, smooth and well-balanced with juniper and citrus, leading to a finish that brings out spice and peppery notes.

Perfect Serve

LinGin Perfect Serve

Extremely versatile and can be sipped over ice. However, we’d recommend mixing with ice, tonic and a twist of orange peel. Also goes really well with an added sprig of rosemary.

For our gin club members we paired with Just the Tonic Scottish Tonic Water as we find this really allows the botanicals in LinGin to shine through.