Scottish Gin Club - Lind & Lime Gin - September 2021

Our featured gin this month comes from the Port of Leith Distillery. Lind & Lime Gin is a nod to one of Leith's historical maritime figures and the Port of Leith's ties as one of Scotland's most important trading ports.

Established by two friends in 2017, Port of Leith Distillery is situated just a stone's throw from the docks where for many centuries a vast array of goods came into Scotland including spices, botanicals and spirits.

Based in the Tower Street Still House, Lind & Lime is distilled in a 500 litre, electrically powered, stainless steel still that's powered by clean energy, from renewable sources. 

Tower Street Still House - Lind & Lime Gin

The Gin

Lind & Lime is a well balanced and extremely refreshing London Dry gin. Even with a focus on simplicity, and a small number of key botanicals include fresh lime and pink peppercorns, Distiller Andy Colman has created a wonderfully complex gin. 

At the 2020 Scottish Gin Awards, Lind & Lime was recognised as the "Best London Dry Gin". 


Lind & Lime Gin Bottle

The Perfect Serve

Serve over ice, along with Bon Accord tonic water and garnish with fresh lime.

Tasting Notes

On the nose, expect light citrus. To taste, you'll be met with smooth and refreshing. If you fancy a little more citrus, double up on your garnish. To finish, the very slightest hint of spice. 

Key Info

ABV: 44%
Location: Edinburgh
Released: November 2018

All images © Port of Leith Distillery