Scottish Gin Club July 2023 - Wolfcraig Classic Dry Gin

Wolfcraig | Classic Dry Gin

Founded in the heart of Scotland, Wolfcraig aims to create an innovative and premium spirits brand. For their products to be of the highest quality and originality, the brand has worked diligently with some of the best Master Blenders in the spirits industry, including Richard Paterson OBE and Ian MacMilan.
A wildly Scottish spirit inspired by juniper, orange peel, lemon, and cassia, the flavour profile of this is nothing less than sophisticated and complex.
Whether consumed on it's own or as a base for cocktails, Wolfcraig Gin is a year-round favourite due to its exceptional quality and flavour. In addition to it's superior craftsmanship and use of locally sourced botanicals, this gin can be garnished and served according to ones taste.
Winner of Gold 2023 Global Gin Masters Award