Scottish Gin Club August 2023 - Little Brown Dog

Little Brown Dog | Aberdeenshire Foraged Gin


In the lush and enchanting landscapes of Aberdeenshire, a gin of extraordinary allure emerges, captivating the hearts of gin enthusiasts worldwide. Behold the Aberdeenshire Foraged Gin - Unlimited Edition, a true masterpiece.
This multi-award-winning gin has been an undeniable sensation, and now it comes in a generous 70cl bottle, promising to take aficionados on a thrilling taste journey. With a contemporary flair and a dry Scottish character, this gin exudes an air of modern sophistication that is second to none.
Imagine the sensory delight of savouring this fine creation - like soakin’ sherbert lemons in a pine forest after a refreshing rain shower. The taste is nothing short of divine, evoking the serenity and majesty of nature with every sip. 
Brought to life with passion and dedication, this gin is the culmination of the distillers' artistry, who meticulously develop, distill, and bottle the spirit at their very own on-farm micro distillery. Every bottle tells a story, unveiling the authenticity of fully disclosed production techniques and the origins of its ingredients.