Scottish Gin Club - Gorse Gin - November 2022

November’s Scottish Gin Club discovery gin is produced by Isle of Bute Gin. Founded in 2018, Isle of Bute Gin takes pride of place on the west coast island, with a publicly accessible distillery and gin garden built around their celebrated 200L copper still.

The Gin 

The multi award-winning Isle of Bute Gorse Gin is produced with gorse hand-picked from the Mount Stuart Estate, and is packed with leading notes of coconut, vanilla and pine. With inspiration drawn from the surrounding beauty of the island, this is a gin that truly reflects the wild environment in which it’s produced.


For Head Distiller Simon Tardivel it’s this wild environment that inspires Gorse Gin, and indeed the whole range of Isle of Bute spirits. In his own words, “The Isle of Bute is a magical place and it has inspired very special recipes for exciting craft gins that capture the essence of island life.”

Isle of Bute’s 200L copper still, is not only a central part of the newly renovated Isle of Bute distillery at the heart of Rothesay, but also an important element in the flavour profile you’ll note in Gorse Gin. Traditionally, copper stills were used for their ability to evenly distribute heat and at the same time absorb sulphur - a natural bi-product of the process - which results in a smoother and more subtle flavour.

The Perfect Serve

Serve over ice, with a premium tonic, a swirl of fresh pink grapefruit to garnish.

Tasting Notes

On the nose, Gorse Gin is floral and sweet. to taste, it’s smooth and fragrant. To finish, expect a delicate lingering finish.

Key Info

ABV: 43%
Location: Rothesay, Isle of Bute