Scottish Gin Club - Granite North Gin - November 2018

Our featured gin being enjoyed by our gin club members this month is Granite North Gin. Unsurprisingly given the name, Granite North hails from Aberdeenshire and was inspired by the rugged Highland peaks and ancient forests around the Cairngorm Mountains. 

Meet the Maker

Sandy from Granite North Gin

Granite North Spirits was founded in 2016 by Sandy Matheson - a qualified engineer and a self-confessed perfectionist. Sandy is a keen hillwalker who has always been inspired by the dramatic landscape of the Cairngorms. It was while climbing Braeriach that he decided to combine his love of gin and the outdoors to create a gin that captures the spirit and freshness of the Scottish mountains. Over a year and 80 test distillations later, Granite North Gin was born.

The Gin

Granite North Scottish Gin is a smooth London Dry style gin that is packed with flavour. Handcrafted in small batches, Granite North is made using traditional botanicals as well as grapefruit, lemon, bay leaf and grand fir needles and is distilled using water from the Cairngorm Mountains. The rich contours of flavours capture the Highland landscape to produce a gin that will warm on the coldest winter nights and refresh on the warmest of summer days.

Tasting Notes

Granite North Gin Bottle

Elegant and juniper-forward, Granite North Gin is bright and fresh on the nose with hints of the forest floor whilst being clean and crisp on the palate. Granite North is a sophisticated, smooth and seriously easy drinking gin.

How to Serve
There are many ways to enjoy but our favourite is served over lots of ice, mixed with a Bon Accord tonic and finished with fresh grapefruit rind. As an alternative to tonic, we also love the Bon Accord Salted Pink Grapefruit Soda. To serve with soda just add plenty of ice, the gin and then soda.

Granite North Gin Rugged Landscape

Granite North is the gin for adventurers who love the Scottish Highlands as much as they love gin!

Get your bottle today: Granite North Gin