Top 10 Scottish Gins for Autumn & Winter

Autumn has arrived and the countdown is on to Christmas (sorry!). Therefore, it's time to update your drinks cabinet and we have the perfect selection of Scottish gins for the season.

From classic gins to make a warming G&T to spiced gins and flavoured gins, we're sure you'll find something to tickle your tastebuds! How about a mulled gin combining two Christmas favourites?

Check out our top recommendations below.

1. Scottish Christmas Gin - Artisan Range
ABV: 43%  |  Price: £32.00

Pixel Spirits Scottish Christmas Gin Serve

All the flavours of Christmas in a bottle! Think a classic gingerbread with cloves, ginger, cinnamon and orange along with piney and resinous juniper berries.

It's full of warming flavours and the perfect gin to enjoy on a cold winter's evening in from of the fire. We enjoy best with ginger ale but also pairs perfectly with a classic tonic. To garnish, we recommend a combination of a cinnamon stick and/or a wedge of orange.

As the name suggests, this is a seasonal gin so only available for the next couple of months!

2. Inventor's Smoked Pepper Gin
ABV: 40%  |  Price: £38.00

Inventors Smoked Pepper Gin Serve

The Smoked Pepper Gin has a unique flavour that will stoke the fire of your soul!

It begins with organic juniper. Nettle and heather root the spirit to the landscape, followed by the smoked pink pepper & red chilli.

Following in the great tradition of inventors and explorers you are encouraged to experiment with mixers and garnish to create your own favourite drink. Our favourite so far is sliced strawberry and a premium tonic water.

3. LinGin Cask Aged Gin - Batch #2
ABV: 43%  |  Price: £42.00

LinGin Cask Aged Gin Cocktail

The Cask Aged Gin from Linlithgow Distillery is the result of an experiment that started during the first national lockdown in 2020 and combines two of Scotland's favourite spirits - gin and whisky!

As keen whisky drinkers, the team at Linlithgow Distillery were keen to age their flagship gin in a whisky cask. Batch 1 was aged for around 3 months while Batch 2 has been aged for just under 8 months. 

The result is a warming gin with a beautiful golden hue with subtle notes of vanilla and caramel.

Sip on the rocks, mix with ginger ale or make cocktails such as an Old Fashioned.

4. Downpour Dry Gin
ABV: 46%  |  Price: £38.50

Downpour Dry Gin Serve

Not many places in Scotland can avoid a Downpour or two over the Scottish winter!

Despite its name, Downpour is a classic dry gin distilled using a blend of citrus fruits including lemon, orange and grapefruit peel as well as locally foraged wild Hebridean heather which delivers slightly sweet notes.

It bursts into life with a splash of tonic, releasing essential oils from the citrus botanicals. This results in a slightly cloudy G&T. 

5. Glaswegin Raspberry & Rhubarb Gin
ABV: 37.5%  |  Price: £35.00

Glaswegin Raspberry & Rhubarb Pink Gin

The first flavoured gin from Glaswegin is a stunning and we highly recommend it if you like fruity, flavoured gins.

Warm raspberry jam and candied rhubarb dance up from the glass. Creamy, vanilla notes reminiscent of raspberry ripple ice cream. Fresh, crisp orange flower and lemon peel cut through for a refreshing, long finish with a pink peppercorn tingle.

Best served over ice with the tonic of your choice, fresh raspberries and a fresh mint leaf.

6. Snawstorm Highland Gin
ABV: 42%  |  Price: £36.95

Snawstorm Highland Dry Gin Serve

Snawstorm Spirits by launched by Leon Chessor, a keen hillwalker who has spent many hours walking in the Cairngorms, often in blizzards and storms. This inspired him to create a gin based around the area and the adverse weather he experiences. 

Like a winter's day in the north of Scotland, Snawstorm is crisp, clean and fresh. 

It's made using a blend of grain, malted barley spirit and Cairngorm spring water which has spent around 50 years filtering through the rocks in the National Park. We think it's best served as a classic G&T over plenty of ice and finished with a slice of lemon. 

7. Inspirited Spiced Navy Strength Gin
ABV: 57.1%  |  Price: £36.99

Inspirited Spiced Navy Strength Gin

A punchy and bold navy strength gin which is smooth and balanced. Made with a recipe designed for the higher strength so no delicate flavours are lost.

It's packed full of spices including baobab, galangal root, Kentish cobnuts, grains of paradise and pink peppercorns as well as traditional botanicals.

Great for making Christmas cocktails - it makes a mean Negroni!

8. Gin Bothy Gunshot Gin
ABV: 37.5%  |  Price: £38.50

Gunshot Mulled Gin

Celebrating one of Scotland's oldest sports, Gin Bothy's Gunshot Gin is a multi-winner which uses their slightly sweet Original Gin as a base and blends specially selected ingredients including cinnamon, cloves, all spice and locally sourced honey are infused for a unique, cockle-warming tipple.

Great all year round with ginger ale, our favourite serve at this time of year is a 'hot gin punch'. Warm the gin slightly and add a splash of fresh apple juice and a cinnamon stick.

9. Isle of Skye Mulled Christmas Gin
ABV: 41.5%  |  Price: £37.95

Misty Isle Christmas Gin

Another limited edition seasonal gin, this one from the Isle of Skye combines two Christmas favourites - mulled wine and gin!

The Mulled Christmas Gin brings together all the traditional festive flavours that you would associate with a mulled wine combined with a generous juniper hit.

Great with a classic tonic and a slice of orange. For a little extra spice add a cinnamon stick too.

10. Isle of Bute Oaked Gin
ABV: 43%  |  Price: £37.50

Isle of Bute Oaked Gin Serve

The Oaked Gin gives a subtle nod to Scotland's rich distilling history as it features aged oak Scotch whisky barrels in the botanical basket. 

This extracts natural flavours of vanilla, sandalwood and pine, reminiscent of a walk through the forest with leaving falling around you.

Our favourite serve is a G&T over ice with a quality light tonic. To finish, we recommend a juicy wedge of orange.