New Product of the Week - Sky Garden Gin

Our range of quality Scottish drinks continues to grow and this week we want to introduce the latest gin we've added - Sky Garden Galloway Gin from Dark Art Distillery.

Dark Art Distillery

Opened in July 2021, Dark Art Distillery is the brainchild of Andrew Clark-Hutchison and is now Scotland's most southerly distillery. Andrew has a family connection to Kirkcudbright in the south west of Scotland going back several generations.

The distillery is based in a former primary school that has been converted to house a number of different companies including a planetarium and a pottery painting studio. Although completely renovated, many of the original features have been retained such as chalk boards, wood panelling and the clock on the central tower.

The distillery also houses Peggy, the custom built 450 litre still named after Andrew's grandmother.

Dark Art Distillery Still

What's in the Name?

The name of the distillery was inspired by the stunning location beside the Galloway Forest Park and Kirkcudbright's historical links to art. 

At night the Galloway Forest is one of the darkest places in Europe and it is a haven for enthusiasts to study the sky spotting shooting stars, the Andromeda Galaxy, the Aurora Borealis and stellar nurseries. 

Kirkcudbright is known as the 'Artists' Town' as its colourful streets, historic castle and tolbooth, art galleries and magnificent working harbour have been attracting generations of artists since the 1880s. Today, there is an annual celebration where all the studios and galleries in the town open their doors as part of the Arts & Crafts Trail. 

Sky Garden Galloway Gin Bottle

Sky Garden Galloway Gin

The first spirit and flagship product released by Dark Art Distillery is a classic dry gin developed to delights the purists. 

Sky Garden is made using a total of 18 different botanicals some of which are locally foraged by the team. There are 3 secret botanicals which only bloom or scent at night time.

The result is a well balanced London Dry Gin which has citrus and fresh notes to back up the piney juniper. 

Key Facts

ABV: 42%
Location: Kirkcudbright
Launched: July 2021

Sky Garden Galloway Gin Serve
Serving Suggestions 

As the gin is so smooth, it does make a great sipping gin. However, our favourite serve is as a classic G&T with plenty of ice, a quality tonic water and a wedge of lime. 

In order to highlight the herbal and menthol notes then we suggest swapping the tonic for a Mediterranean tonic and garnishing it with a sprig of mint.

To find out more about Sky Garden Gin click on the link below.

Sky Garden Galloway Gin