New Product of the Week - LinGin Navy Strength Gin

It's been a while but the LinGin Navy Strength Gin is finally here! The distillery team at Linlithgow Distillery developed the recipe for their navy strength gin back in 2019 but due to several factors (mainly COVID-19 and a bespoke bottle launch) it was never launched. 

However, following a few subtle tweaks to the recipe it was finally launched last week and we are delighted to have it available in our shop!

LinGin Navy Strength Gin

The recipe features some of the same 'secret' botanicals present in the LinGin London Dry Gin as well as added grapefruit and lavender which help to elevate it to the next level. 

It's bottled at 57% ABV but is super-smooth and is clean and fresh on the palate. It's punchy with a classic gin backbone with zesty grapefruit and lavender.

The Navy Strength comes in the instantly recognisable LinGin bottle - a bespoke bottle launched in summer 2021.

LinGin Navy Strength Pink Gin Cocktail

Serving Suggestions

As the gin is so smooth, it can be sipped neat over ice or even with just a few drops of water in it.

To serve as a G&T we recommend plenty of ice and topped up with a quality tonic. A 1:3 gin to tonic ratio is perfect. To garnish, a slice of pink grapefruit brings out the citrus notes.

With it's higher strength and more intense flavour, the Navy Strength also makes a great base for a cocktail. We suggest an original Pink Gin (the way it should be!)

Mix a double measure of the Navy Strength with 3 dashes of Angostura Bitters, some tonic, lemonade or soda and a twist of lemon or orange. Use a foamer if you want a foam top!

Key Facts

ABV: 57%
Location: Linlithgow
Released:  19.10.2021