New Product of the Week - 1992 Raspberry Liqueur

The latest addition to our range is Scotland's take on a Creme de Framboise, traditionally found in France. Tayport Distillery's 1992 Raspberry Liqueur is silky smooth and features the freshest raspberries from Fife.

1992 Raspberry Liqueur - How It's Made

Picked from the East Neuk of Fife, the raspberries fill the van with a sweet, jammy aroma on the short journey back to the distillery.

Tayport Distillery Range

As soon as the raspberries are back at the distillery they are processed for the liqueur. This involves being immediately soaked in the vodka base and macerated for over 3 months. The base spirit is from malted barley sourced from a farm just south of Edinburgh and distilled on site at the Fife distillery.

The fresh raspberries impart their flavour into the alcohol which is then filtered many times to produce the clean and glossy texture. 

Serving Suggestions

Extremely versatile, the 1992 Raspberry Liqueur is a rival to Chambord and can be easily drank with champagne or prosecco. 

It's also great for making a number of cocktails including a French Martini or with gin in a refreshing Bramble cocktail.

However, if you would prefer something a little simpler, the liqueur is great when sipped over ice or mixed with a little soda. This allows you to really appreciate the raspberry goodness!

1992 Raspberry Liqueur Cocktail

About Tayport Distillery

Founded by Kecia McDougall, the story of Tayport Distillery began in the apple orchards of Ohio before continuing in the berry fields of Fife.

Inspired by a combination of the tales of old Ohian moonshiners and today's micro-distillers, Kecia took the plunge to create a Scottish twist on a traditional European drink known as Eau de Vie. The range has now grown to include vodka, gin and fruit based liqueurs.

Tayport Distillery is located on the outskirts of the Tentsmuir National Nature Reserve and their spirits and liqueurs are created using fruits and grains that come from the surrounding areas in Fife. The 'grain to glass' drinks are made in small batches, with no added sugars - any sweetness comes naturally from the fruits.

To find out more or to buy the liqueur, click the link below.

Tayport Distillery 1992 Raspberry Liqueur