May's Gin of the Month - Badachro Gin

Our featured gin being enjoyed by our Gin Club subscribers this month comes from the north west Highlands - Badachro Gin.

Badachro, a former fishing village, is in one of the last true wilderness areas in Europe. Surrounded by the sea to the north and west, the Torridon mountains to the east and Loch Torridon to the south, the nights are pitch black and the Northern Lights can be seen regularly in the sky. With every corner you turn and every mountain you climb, you'll find another breathtaking view.

The Distillery

Within the village is the Badachro Distillery, owned and run by Gordon and Vanessa Quinn with the help Delilah - a trusty old copper pot still hand beaten in Portugal. Gordon & Vanessa’s ethos is clear and is based on expressing as much as Badachro and surrounding area has to offer in a creative, high quality gin that gives an authentic taste of the Highlands.

Delilah - The Still at Badachro Distillery

Gordon & Vanessa's intention was for super small-scale distilling with bottles being given to their B&B guests as a gift on arrival and possibly also supplying the local pub - the Badachro Inn. However, Gordon's passion for distilling has taken over and the couple are now looking at distribution and exporting to Europe and beyond.

The Gin

Badachro Gin is an extremely smooth gin that is distilled using botanicals that grow in the ancient lands within sight the distillery and water that falls through the pure, unpolluted air above the village. 

Badachro Gin Bottle

Juniper, wild myrtle, coriander, gorse blossom, lavender, rose-hip petals and elderflower among other delights, combine to create a distinct and delicious taste which is unique to the stunningly beautiful land of purity, clarity and wonder.

Each bottle is individually numbered including the batch and bottle number.

Recommended Serve

Enjoy as a sipping gin served over ice or make a classic gin & tonic using a premium tonic water, lots of ice and a slice of lime. If available, a sprig of wild myrtle tops it off amazingly well.

Badachro Gin & Tonic Serve

Included in the gin club members pack were some delicious handmade chocolates made by our chocolatier, Annette from Sugarsnap. To complement the recommended garnish, Annette flavoured her salted caramel with lime and encased the ganache in Tanzania 75%. You'll notice the design matches the Badachro colours perfectly too!