December Gin of the Month - McLean's Spiced Gin

It is only right that in December our gin club members are enjoying a gin that is described by the maker as 'Christmas in a glass'. McLean's Spiced Gin is a seasonal addition to the McLean's range.

McLeans Spiced Gin - Christmas in a glass

The Gin

Generally only available from November to January (although it's exclusively available year round from us!), the Spiced Gin is an incredibly versatile gin that is as warming as it is refreshing making it ideal to enjoy sitting in front of the fire on a cold winters night.

Capturing the flavours of Christmas, classic botanicals are combined with allspice, spicy ginger, fresh pine, sweet cinnamon and clove to produce an exceptionally warming spiced gin with deep, woody, whisky-like undertones.

The Perfect Serve

Great as a G&T but we believe it’s best served as a G&G. Serve long over ice with a premium ginger ale and finish with your combination of garnishes from a slice of plum, a slice of orange and a stick of cinnamon.

If you’re looking for something exceptionally warming, serve with hot apple juice for a hot gin punch.

McLean's Spiced Gin Hot Gin Punch

About McLean’s Gin

McLean's Gin was officially launched in 2017 but the story began on Christmas Day 2015. Colin, the maker of McLean's Gin, was gifted a 'make your own gin kit' by his future in-laws. The gift lay in a cupboard until 2 days before Valentine's Day when Colin realised he didn't have a gift for Jess. Colin decided to give making some gin a shot and to both of their surprise, the results were pretty tasty. At the time they didn't know it but the cupboard where the gift lay for 2 months became their 'gin lab' and subsequently made them the smallest gin producer in Scotland (and possibly even the world!). 

The recipe from the gift became McLean's Signature Gin and they worked tirelessly to meet demand and also develop their range which has now grown to 6 different gins including the core range and seasonal additions.

McLean's Gin Range

Following their wedding in June 2018, Colin and Jess left their tenement flat to move to Strathaven, a village about 15 miles south of Glasgow. The gin is now made in a purpose built gin lab at the house.