Based in Ayrshire in the grounds of one of Scotland's finest stately homes, The Lost Distillery Company aspire to create present day expressions of legendary whiskies from distilleries which have closed down over the past couple of centuries. Despite being renowned for excellent quality malts, over 100 hundres Scotch Whisky distilleries have closed down during the last century through the effects of war, prohibition, politics and the rise of mass production. When the team at The Lost Distillery Company find a lost distillery which made a quality malt of good reputation, they instruct their head archivist to start the archivist process. This involves months of tireless research including reading historic documents, tax records and photographs to then scientifically guide a profile of how they believe each whisky would have tasted. Every aspect of the lost distillery is researched from water source to still shape and cask type. This allows the whisky making team at The Lost Distillery Company to bring the flavour profile to life.

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