Snawstorm Spirits was launched in 2019 by husband and wife Leon and Susan Chessor. Based in the heart of Speyside, an area best known for single malt whiskies, Snawstorm Spirits aim to create spirits that are distinctively different. Leon is used to hillwalking in Cairngorm National Park, often in blizzards and storms, and it was this that inspired him to use the water collected in natural springs to make spirits. It was also the inspiration behind the name and branding. Snawstorm Vodka was launched in 2019 with the Snawstorm Highland Gin following in August 2020. In early 2021, the first limited release Cask Aged Vodka was released with only 360 bottles being available. All expressions from Snawstorm Spirits use a new make spirit from a local whisky distillery which provides an interesting base to work from as well as being a nod to their geography. 

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