Based in stunning surroundings, North Point Distillery is a sustainable distillery in West Caithness which was founded by Alex MacDonald and Struan Mackie. Alex is a Canadian with a passion for all things rum and Scotch whisky and can always be found taste testing and thinking up new brand concepts. Struan is a north coast native who has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the spirits industry. Their goal is to provide customers with the highest quality, locally-distilled spirits they can create while using sustainably sourced ingredients and botanicals. The rums produced by North Point Distillery are distilled in an interesting way which combines sustainably sourced sugarcane and molasses from the Caribbean and local whisky casks from the Scottish Highlands for maturation. North Point's first releases include a young aged rum, a spiced rum and also a gin. In 2021, the team at North Point plan to open the distillery to visitors, allowing them to sample the spirits while watching the waves from the window!