Founded by Paul and Jacine Rutasikwa, a couple with proud African heritage, Matugga Rum began life in 2015 being small-batch distilled in London. The couple then moved to Livingston in 2017 before opening Matugga Distillery in late 2018. Using the finest ingredients from the easterly region of Africa, combined with their proud heritage and playful innovation, Matugga captures the most adventurous and unique flavours of Africa. The rich, red soils of East Africa provide an ideal terrain for high quality sugar cane from which Matugga Distillers source the finest molasses. The molasses is fermented for a week before being triple distilled in 200 litre copper pot stills before being finished in ex bourbon oak casks. This is the Matugga Golden Rum. To create the Matugga Spiced Rum, the golden rum is embellished with East African spices. Crafted in Scotland with an African soul.

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