Launched in August 2018, Crag & Tail comes from the team behind Huffman's, the premium drinks distributor. Distilled with the help of a local distiller in Angus, Crag & Tail is the end result of a journey that has taken Ramone & Gregor through a voyage of gins that runs well into the hundreds. They wanted to create a versatile, laidback spirit that pairs easily with your mixer of choice. Crag & Tail made the Top 10 in the Scottish Gin Society Consumer Choice Awards for the last 2 years. The name comes from a geological feature which is common in Scotland. A crag is a rough vertical rock face and the tail is a gentler slope on the lee side which is formed by softer rock. The most famous Crag & Tail in Scotland is at Edinburgh Castle with the castle sitting on top of the crag and the Royal Mile being the tail.