Based on the Torrisdale Castle Estate in Kintyre, Beinn An Tuirc was launched in 2016 and is a responsible distillery that is the result of Niall Macalister Hall's vision for the estate. Niall's family has owned the 1200 acre estate since 1872 and the family have continually diversified the activities the land is used for. Niall converted a piggery into a distillery with a copper still which is powered by their own on-site hydro-electric power scheme. Beinn An Tuirc are commited to sustainability and in addition to using sustainable botanicals, they plant a tree on the estate for every case sold. Beinn An Tuirc translates from Gaelic as 'The Hill of the Wild Boar' which is the highest point in Kintyre and also the water source from the spirits produced by Beinn An Tuirc Distillers.