Rum Club November 2023 - MacNair's Peated Exploration Rum

MacNair's | Peated Exploration Rum

This months Rum Club Box featured MacNair's Peated Exploration Rum Paired with Bon Accord Cola and Summerhouse Ginger Beer.

MacNair's Bottle

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Produced from the highest quality sugar cane grown in Jamaica, this pot still rum was expertly sourced by Master Blender Billy Walker from Southern Jamaica’s Clarendon Distillery and transferred to the cool Scottish climate for full maturation at The GlenAllachie Distillery.

Initially filled to a mixture of American and French oak at 86% ABV, the rum was left to mature for 30 months at high, medium and low ester levels. After being expertly blended and reduced to 69% ABV, the spirit was re-filled to casks which previously held peated spirit distilled at GlenAllachie to add a distinctive, smoky twist. This four-step maturation process creates an expression in which the subtle peat smoke and charred cedar wood notes marry perfectly with the Caribbean jerk and ester-fuelled rum.


Proudly presented at 46%, without added colouring or chill-filtration.


70cl, 46%


About MacNair's

"As a boutique company we have unparalleled understanding of our discerningly selected casks, appraising up to 200 each and every week.  We religiously sample and follow the spirits’ coming of age.  We understand the spirit, grow with it; become at one with its nature.  We feel and live the liquid odyssey, enabling the creation of myriad exquisite drinking experiences." - MacNair's