Scottish Gin Club - LinGin Yuzu Gin - September 2020

The September Gin of the Month is Yuzu Gin which is part of the new Colours Range from Linlithgow Distillery.

Aside from being a deliciously refreshing gin, we also wanted to showcase this Yuzu Gin to highlight how different botanical combinations impact the flavour of the gin.

Those of you who also received our gin in August will know, one of the key botanicals in Purist Gin is also yuzu. However, this Yuzu Gin is very different in flavour to Purist Gin as the other botanicals used differ in flavour profile and quantity.

LinGin Yuzu Gin  

LinGin Yuzu Gin Key Facts

Launched: August 2020
ABV: 40%
Location: Linlithgow

The Linlithgow Distillery Story

Linlithgow Distillery was founded in March 2017 by husband and wife team, Ross and Alyson Jamieson. After long careers in IT they wanted to move in a new direction. Both Ross and Alyson had dreamed of owning their own distillery and came up with the idea for Linlithgow Distillery one evening while enjoying some gin cocktails.

Alyson & Ross Jamieson - Founders of Lintlithgow Distillery

Just 10 months after the distillery was formed, the first batch of LinGin was released. LinGin has proved to be so popular that they had to move premises to a bigger distillery to scale up production within the first year!

In addition to LinGin, 2019 saw the launch of the Four Marys Gins - 4 flavoured gins to celebrate Mary Queen of Scots' Ladies in Waiting. Mary Queen of Scots was born in Linlithgow Palace on 8 December 1542 and, following the death of her father just 6 days later, acceded the throne. She reigned over Scotland until 24 July 1567. During her reign, Mary was accompanied everywhere she went by her Ladies in Waiting, each of them having a very different personality which the team at Linlithgow Distillery portrayed in their flavoured gin series.

The lockdown period was a busy time for product development at the distillery and August saw the launch of their first cask aged gin - the original LinGin aged for 93 days in a Glen Moray whisky butt originally used to age bourbon - as well as the Colours Range.

LinGin Colours Range 

The Colours Range

Launched in August 2020, the Colours Range was created to bring some colour back into life after lockdown. If you've missed your summer holiday this year then the Colour Range will bring the colours, scents and flavours of the beach to your door!  

The four highly coloured bottles contain different flavours which are all great individually or can be mixed and matched to create 15 different flavour combinations.

In addition to the Yuzu Gin, the range includes Lime, Raspberry and Coconut gins.

All four are designed to drink with classic tonic and simple garnishes which make the perfect party G&Ts.

Yuzu Gin

As with all four of the Colours Range, the Yuzu Gin is made with a scaled down version of the flagship LinGin recipe using 8 out of the 12 botanicals including meadowsweet and orange peel.

The liquid is then infused with a natural yuzu essence post distillation. Yuzu is a Japanese citrus fruit, classified as a superfood for its antioxidant properties, which is like a cross between tangerine and grapefruit in flavour.

The result is a supremely smooth, creamy gin with hints of vanilla (predominantly from the meadowsweet) which will awaken your senses with the combination of zingy tangerine followed by the crisp bite of grapefruit at the end.

Bottled at 40% ABV, this is a serious but fun gin!

Yuzu Gin & Tonic Serve with Pink Grapefruit

Serving Suggestions

The Yuzu Gin is a very easy drinking gin and we think it's best served as a classic G&T over ice with a premium, classic tonic. A 1:2 ratio works really well. For an extra fresh bite, garnish with pink grapefruit.

However, the best thing about the Colours Range is the fact you can mix and match the gins to create different flavour combinations using 2, 3 or all 4 of the range together. If you fancy a Yuzu & Raspberry Gin then half the measures of each and combine!

While a very fun range to experiment with, each gin is individually also a seriously good gin!