Scottish Gin Club - Crag & Tail Gin - May 2020

The featured gin in our Scottish Gin Club this month is Crag & Tail Gin. Find out everything you need to know about Crag & Tail Gin and perfect serve ideas below.

Crag & Tail Key Facts

Location: Based in Perth, Distilled in Arbroath
August 2018

Crag & Tail Gin

Huffman's Limited

Crag & Tail comes from the team behind Huffman's, the premium drinks distributor. With experience of the drinks industry, Ramone Robertson and Gregor Maclean launched Huffman's in the summer of 2016 and focus on supplying craft drinks to bars, restaurants, farm shops and delis.

Crag & Tail is the end result of a journey that has taken Ramone & Gregor through a voyage of gins that runs well into the hundreds. They wanted to create a versatile, laidback spirit that pairs easily with your mixer of choice.

Huffmans Team behind Crag & Tail Gin 

Crag & Tail Gin

Crag & Tail is a well rounded and balanced gin with juniper and citrus at the forefront. There is an element of spice that builds but does not overpower before a refreshing finish. 

It's made using a total of 12 botanicals. Classic botanicals such as juniper, angelica, coriander and liquorice are combined with watermelon, elderflower and citrus for a clean, crisp and extremely refreshing gin.

Watermelon was chosen as a primary botanical provides a subtle sweetness and fruity notes but has a crispness that would mix well with any tonic. 

Crag & Tail has ranked in the Top 10 in the Scottish Gin Society Consumer Choice Awards in 2019 & 2020.

Perfect Serve Ideas

The team behind Crag & Tail are keen to stress that you should drink it as you enjoy it and it mixes very well with spicy or floral tonics and garnishes.

However, to keep it classic, we highly recommend serving as a G&T over ice with a quality tonic and a good wedge of citrus. Our favourite is lime but lemon, orange or pink grapefruit work equally well.

Crag & Tail Gin & Tonic ServePhoto Credit: The Gin Cooperative

What's In The Name?

The name comes from a geological feature which is common in Scotland. A Crag & Tail generally has a very steep slope on one side with a more gentle slope running from the peak.

The most famous Crag & Tail in Scotland is at Edinburgh Castle with the castle sitting on top of the crag and the Royal Mile being the tail. 

You can find out more about Crag & Tail Gin by clicking the link below:

Crag & Tail Scottish Gin.