We've Implemented a Green Policy!

We implemented a green policy!

Craft56° has always ensured that in decisions we have made, we have taken time and effort to consider the environment. This has historically been a “just always do what we can” mantra which has worked up until now. We decided to write a full Environmental Policy to not only keep ourselves accountable but to assure our customers that their favourite Scottish craft drinks provider is committed to green practices.

You can read the full policy here. It’s quite wordy, so here’s some of the interesting bits:


Our goal is to use as little packaging as possible while ensuring your items are shipped safely and securely. We have reduced the amount of packaging we use when shipping your bottle as much as possible, and now our packaging is as sustainable as it can be! We use recycled and recyclable packaging where it is available.

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When you place an order with us, your bottle is packaged within a recycled pulp mould before being placed in a recycled cardboard box. Both of which can then be recycled when you no longer require them. If you meet us at an event, where replacements are available, we use biodegradable plastic! We are dedicated to continuing to assess our packaging options as new products enter the market.

Carbon Footprint

As we are a Scottish drinks provider, based in Scotland, we work with suppliers and brands from the length and breadth of the country.  As we source and supply products made in Scotland, we know the short distance our products take on their journey to the warehouse. This means we can be sure that our carbon footprint is as low as possible, as well as supporting brilliant local businesses! As part of our supplier selection process, we assess suppliers’ processes to ensure there’s no unnecessary environmental impact and choose suppliers who align with our environmental policy themselves.

The Garden Shed Gin Co BottleThe Garden Shed Drinks Co. are one of the many environmentally responsible suppliers we work with.

Small Changes

We know that improving the impact we have on the environment is an ongoing process of making regular small changes and being aware of new materials and products as they become feasibly available. We commit to review our practices on a regular basis to develop a culture of continuous improvement and environmental awareness!

If you’re interested in reading our Green Policy in full, it can be found here