New Product of the Week - LinGin Cask Aged Gin #2

The latest addition to our range is a very special limited edition gin from Linlithgow Distillery. This is second batch of the LinGin Cask Aged Gin and only 276 bottles have been released.

LinGin Cask Aged Gin #2

Just as the first lockdown hit the UK in Spring 2020 the team at Linlithgow Distillery started experimenting ageing their flagship LinGin in a whisky cask. They had no idea what the outcome would be but being whisky fans they were keen to try!

LinGin Cask Aged Gin Batch 2

The cask that was chosen to age the gin was a Glen Moray whisky cask that had previously been used to age bourbon.

Over the course of the next 3 months a small amount of spirit was extracted on a weekly basis to taste how the flavours were developing. With notes of vanilla, chocolate and burnt toast complementing the LinGin botanicals beautifully, Batch #1 of the Cask Aged Gin was released after 93 days. 

Keen to experiment further, the distiller decided to age Batch #2 for longer. This gin has spent just under 8 months (238 days to be precise) ageing in another Glen Moray cask. The result is an incredibly smooth gin with whisky tones of vanilla and chocolate and a delightful golden hue.

LinGin Cask Aged Gin Cocktail

Serving Suggestions

As the gin is so smooth, it is great when sipped neat over ice. If you're looking for a long drink then it works as a classic G&T or topped with ginger ale and garnished with a wedge of zesty orange. 

Cocktail lovers will also enjoy the Cask Aged Gin and we think it makes a mean Old Fashioned!

Key Facts

ABV: 43%
Location: Linlithgow
Released:  29.08.2021

To make it even more special, this release has been bottled in the brand new bespoke bottle that was launched in July 2021. With only 276 bottles available we recommend getting yours quickly! 

LinGin Cask Aged Gin #2