New Product of the Week - Craft56° Citrus Gin Perfect Serve Bundle

Our featured product of the week allows you to create the most refreshing G&T from the comfort of your own home. The Craft56° Limited Edition Citrus Gin Perfect Serve Bundle contains a 70cl bottle of gin, complementary tonics as well as freeze dried garnishes.

Craft56 Editions Series Limited Edition Citrus Gin Serve
Craft56° Limited Edition Citrus Gin

We developed the Citrus Gin in collaboration with the team at Linlithgow Distillery and it was released in June for our Scottish Gin Club members. 

The gin is a crisp, fresh London Dry gin made using a total of 13 botanicals. Citrus is the backbone of the gin with pink grapefruit, yuzu and orange peel supporting the piney juniper. These botanicals are complemented by sweet florals such as elderflower and rose petals as well as spices including sichuan pepper, orris root and coriander. 

We recommend serving the gin over plenty of ice, topping with a classic tonic and garnished with a slice of orange. Luckily, our Perfect Serve Bundle contains all of the above (except the ice!). 

When the tonic is added, the gin citrus flavours of the gin come to life. The citrus notes, earthy herbs and sweet florals really shine through.

Citrus Gin Key Facts

 ABV: 43%
Location: Linlithgow
Released: 06.21

Walter Gregor's Original Tonic Water

From Aberdeenshire, Walter Gregor's is Scotland's first tonic water. It's a light and crisp tonic made from natural botanicals grown in the walled garden that Walter Gregor tended so carefully in the 19th century.

Walter Gregor's Original Tonic is the perfect partner for our gin as it has a soft bubble and very subtle citrus flavours that enhance the citrus notes in the gin.

Fruits For Drinks Orange

The orange slices add a refreshing citrus burst to the G&T. As the oranges have been freeze dried as opposed to dehydrated, they have retained their flavour and the texture allows for a faster flavour transfer to the drink. 

The pack can be stored in the cupboard for up to 9 months - perfect to ensure you always have some garnish on hand!

Fruits For Drinks Serving Recommendations

For best results, we recommend you to pop the orange in the glass before you pour the gin and tonic in. This means that by the time you're ready to enjoy the drink the flavour from the orange will already have been released. 

Bundle Contents

1 x Craft56° Citrus Gin - Limited Edition (70 cl)
4 x Walter Gregor Original Tonic Water (200 ml) 
1 x Pack of Fruits For Drinks Orange Slices (approx 20 servings)

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