July 2018 Gin of the Month - Illicit Gin

Our featured gin this month is Illicit Gin from Illicit Spirits. Our gin club subscribers are currently the gin along with handmade spiced caramel gin infused chocolates made by the Sugarsnap.

Launched in April 2018, Illicit Gin is the first creation from Illicit Spirits, a true urban craft distillery based in Glasgow. Find out more about the Illicit Spirits story below.

Illicit Spirits Illicit Gin Bottles

The Distillery

Established in 2017 by Darran Edmond, an experienced distiller, the Illicit Spirits distillery is located in a railway arch in the Tradeston area of Glasgow. The distillery is home to a traditional direct-fired copper pot still which was made by a Portuguese coppersmith.

A true urban craft distiller, Darran’s focus for Illicit Spirits is to apply traditional methods to produce modern, unique and innovative spirits.

Illicit Spirits Distillery

The Name

The Illicit Spirits name is a nod to the illicit distillers of old, who have inspired the choice of still, and also a reference to the hidden location under the tracks heading south from Glasgow Central Station. It is believed that the location of the distillery was once used for illegal raves in the city.

Illicit Gin

Illicit Gin is a juniper-led London Dry style gin made from a blend of 10 botanicals including coriander, cloves, angelica, cinnamon, orris root and orange peel.

Resin and pine will hit you on the nose before the palate is dominated by warming spices including clove and cinnamon leading to a bone dry finish from coriander, nutmeg and a little hint of citrus sharpness.

Illicit Gin Botanicals

Perfect Serve

The gin was created so it could be enjoyed as a sipping drink over ice or with tonic.

If drinking with tonic, serve with a premium tonic and finish with a large slice of orange peel and a bashed cardamom pod.

Cocktail Ideas

The Gin and Ginger (or G&G...):  A double measure of Illicit Gin, a squeeze of lemon, topped off with ginger beer and garnished with a sprig of mint. The heat and sweetness of the ginger beer perfectly compliments the spiced notes in the gin.

Illicit Gin Ginger Cocktail

Find out more about Illicit Gin and try it for yourself: Illicit Spirits' Illicit Gin.