February's Gin of the Month - Sea Glass Gin

Sea Glass Gin

Inspired by the beauty of the natural coastline, February’s Gin of the Month, which was received by all our gin club members, is Deerness Distillery’s signature Sea Glass Gin. Deerness Distillery is a traditional artisan distillery founded by husband and wife Stuart and Adelle Brown and is situated near their family home on the east mainland of Orkney.

Sea Glass Gin Scottish Gin Club Box

The Distillery

Since moving from Australia with their family, Stuart and Adelle Brown have turned their hobby into a reality with the production of their small batch spirits.

Deerness Distillery is thought to be the first new commercial distillery on Orkney since 1885.

To fit with their ethos of being unique and handcrafted, the distillery was designed and constructed by Stuart and Adelle with help from friends, family and neighbours. Construction work on the distillery began in the autumn of 2016.

The distillery will be operated as a small family-run business with Stuart and Adelle’s values firmly instilled into the distillery to ensure that it operates in harmony with their surroundings in Deerness.

Deerness Distillery Building in Progress
The Stills

The custom-built distillery can accommodate a number of stills and there are currently 3 in operation; Walt, Zing & Matilda. The eagle-eyed amongst you will have spotted the connection to Stuart’s Australian heritage! Walt is used to produce vodka, Zing distils rum and Matilda is used to distil the signature Sea Glass Gin.

Matilda is a traditional alembic 300 litre copper pot still with a reflux column added to refine the process.

Deerness Distillery Still

The Making of Sea Glass

The entire production process is carried out in the distillery by hand; from the creation and distilling, to bottling and labelling ensuring that Deerness Distillery spirits and liqueurs are truly handcrafted.

The process begins with gently steeping hand-sorted botanicals overnight. It is then lovingly distilled in a copper pot still that is heated by flame. The process uses a one shot distillation method, giving Sea Glass gin a full flavour. During the eight hours of careful monitoring and adjusting, only the heart of the run is collected for bottling.

Once cut with pure Orkney water the gin is rested for several days after which it is nosed, tasted, hand filled, corked, sealed and each bottle inspected and signed before it leaves the door to be enjoyed.

Sea Glass Gin

Key Facts:

  • ABV: 43%
  • Launched: May 2017

Made with seven key botanicals and cut with pure Orcadian water, Sea Glass Gin takes you on a sensory journey through warm juniper spice, floral lavender tones, citrus notes from lemon verbena and orange, followed by a fresh cucumber mint finish.

A true reflection of the Orkney Islands ever changing seascape.

The Sea Glass Perfect Serve

Extremely versatile, there are many ways to enjoy Sea Glass. Our favourite is to serve over ice mixed with a premium tonic and finished with fresh lemon and blueberries. However, it also goes well with kiwi fruit, pink grapefruit or fresh mint.

Looking for something a bit different? Stuart from Deerness has recommended the Sea Pink cocktail that he crafted. To make the Sea Pink take: 

-          150 ml Martini glass and coat the rim with lemon/sugar

-          45 ml of Sea Glass Gin

-          15 ml of Deerness’ Into the Wild Vodka

-          Crushed ice

-          45 ml of Blueberry juice

-          45 ml Franklin & Sons Tonic = 45ml

-          Serve with a cocktail stick with 3 blueberries & lemon rind spiralled around the stick

The Deerness Distillery Logo & Bottle Design

In keeping with the handcrafted element, the deer in the distillery’s logo is an original, designed and lino-cut by their designer, Caroline. This attention to detail has been carried through to bottle labelling, with the designs all being originally drawn and hand cut.

The deer was inspired by the knowledge that red deer bones have been found on the Brough of Deerness, a sea stack which is approximately 30 metres high and is part of the Mull Head Nature Reserve which is located just a few miles from the distillery. It is surmised that these bones gave the Parish its’ name and hence the Distillery’s name.

Deerness Sea Glass Gin Bottle

The Future

Since launching the first product in May 2017, the Deerness Distillery range currently includes the signature Sea Glass Gin and Into the Wild Vodka. Rum is currently in production and they are also hoping to introduce a range of liqueurs too.

2018 will also see an on-site shop and viewing area opening at the distillery.

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