What Makes a Scottish Craft Drink?

With increasing press coverage regarding the provenance of many of the ‘Scottish Gins’ on the market and the recent alliance formed between the Scottish Craft Distillers Association and Scotland Food and Drink to protect the authenticity of Scottish craft spirits, we feel it is important we are absolutely clear about our position on what makes a Scottish craft drink the products you will find stocked by Craft56°.


Craft56° aims to promote and stock craft drinks and products that are made by independent producers. We will not knowingly stock products from brands that are owned by large corporations.

Made in Scotland

At Craft56°, we believe that in order to be called Scottish, the product must be made here in Scotland. Craft56° was established to promote Scottish artisan producers and we strongly believe that to protect our brand as well as the genuine Scottish producers that the term Scottish should be linked to the geographical location of production.

All drinks and gifts that you will find on the website have been distilled or produced in Scotland.

Contract Distilling & Brewing

There are many craft Scottish gin, rum and beer producers who have set up their own distillery or brewery for production and it has been an amazing experience to see and hear about their innovative set-ups.

However, for some it is just not possible at this stage in their journey to have their own distillery or brewery. Craft56° are happy to support and promote brands who have chosen to partner with a larger distillery or brewery so long as the production remains in Scotland.

Craft56° will never knowingly promote any product on our website or social media networks that claim Scottish provenance but is not actually produced in Scotland.

Botanicals, Ingredients & Materials

A large number of the drinks we stock achieve their unique flavour by using locally sourced botanicals and ingredients. However, many of the botanicals and ingredients required for production are not native to Scotland and must be sourced from other countries.

We are happy to support products and brands who are using botanicals, ingredients and materials sourced from out with Scotland so long as the final product is made in Scotland.


We also aim to promote craft drinks that are not readily available in large retail outlets including supermarkets. This is becoming increasingly difficult, but we will always focus on products that are not readily available in large retailers.